Reading Space

Need some you time?
Hub Reading Space
Need a quiet time to read, relax and recharge the mind.
If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or just need alone time, then why not come along with your own book, (tablets and audio books also acceptable) or borrow a book from our library and relax in your own world on a sofa or at a table over a cup of coffee or tea enjoying your read.

The Hub Reading Space will be open each Tuesday between 11.00am and 2.00pm from the 4th June 2024.

The reading space is open to anyone who would benefit from such a space so why not give it a try, you just have to register on your first visit. Its free but a small donation each visit would be appreciated.
.A book exchange will also be offered., simply bring along some books to leave for others and you will be given a ticket for each book left. Exchange these tickets for new books from our library.